Stefnir - new plate introduced at Design March 2015Enjoy the playful moments
bybibi introduces a new plate STEFNIR at the Epal design store at Skeifan 6 in Reykjavík during the Iceland DesignMarch,  March 12-15, 2015.

STEFNIR is a plate that helps take food into playful new directions. It will be produced in a variety of materials including porcelain, marble and Icelandic lava, stone and wood. The different versions of STEFNIR can be mixed and matched to create a dramatic centerpiece.

The plate’s design is both a nod to boat play and an arrow pointing forward thus the Icelandic name STEFNIR which refers to direction. The design is also a contemplation of the multifaceted rendezvous that occurs when we dine together. Designed to enable us to enjoy the precious moments of everyday dining, the plate is also ideal for restaurants and delicatessens to present a variety of dishes, from your local delicacy to the classic birthday cake. Handcrafted in Iceland, the plate is a unique Icelandic design piece that can be collected in different versions, for different uses.