Sigríður Hjaltdal Pálsdóttir A utilitarian with a twist could be used to describe designer Sigríður Hjaltdal Pálsdóttir’s approach to ceramic design. An Icelander educated in Barcelona, Sigríður Hjaltdal Pálsdóttir or Bibi began her studies at the ceramic division at The Icelandic Academy of the Arts in 1996. In 1998 she attended the Escola Massana, Centre d’art i disseny in Barcelona and graduated from there in 2002 with a diploma in industrial design. Bibi’s postgraduate work at Davinci escola d'art (2003-2005) focused on moulding and ceramic techniques.

As a designer Bibi continually explores her field. In addition to several different post-graduate courses in product development, production and marketing, Bibi devotes time to continually challenging herself and her sense of design. A three month residency at the Uganda Ceramics workshop in Kampala, Uganda in 2009 expanded her vision and approach in multiple ways.


bybibi is born

Barcelona became Bibi’s home and ceramic design her field. Enmeshing herself in the creative ambiance of this cultural city, Bibi ran her own design and ceramic studio where her bybibi family of tableware was born. The clean, smooth curves of bybibi belie a deep level of research and development that underpin the organic nature of Bibi’s design aesthetic.

Design principles

bybibi porcelain tableware in black and whiteAs the world is continually filled with new products it is Bibi’s guiding principle that everything she designs and creates serve a multiple purpose. Her line of tableware is in fact designed as an antidote to the single use, throw away culture of our times. The creative work of Bibi aims to integrate the enjoyment of using simple beautiful things in your everyday life with the utilitarian purpose of the object.

The warm cup of coffee in your hand can become the smooth edge enveloping a flower. The gentle sway of the plate under a delicate hors-d'oeuvre can transform into a stable
foundation for a flickering candle.