Stefnir Mirror
Stefnir Mirror Stefnir Mirror Stefnir Mirror

The Stefnir Mirror fits into different interiors in various ways. Stand alone or grouped with others, the mirror can hang as a miniature mirrored sculpture, much the same as the Stefnir Hook.  

The Stefnir Mirror hexagonal angular shape offers you a glimpse of self, a moment in time to stop and take a closer look. Deliberately designed to offer a partial view – a piece of you – the irregular geometric shape can be hung horizontally and vertically. The mirror’s surface creates a play of reflections as the whole piece hangs at an angle calling for attention.

The Stefnir Mirror is produced in Iceland. It is available in marble, gabbro and basalt with three types of mirrors: silver, gray or bronze.

Customers will be notified if a variant is not available.